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100% Net Gallery SHOW 3:w/ art from:- Clift N. Anthony - D.V. Caputo - Scott Gelber- Keenan Maher (CVILLOU)- Jennifer Mehigan - Matt White- Michael Willis —-mix coming by DV-i—-AUGUST 15
for Élan
for Élan
Poster design for spazzkid's Promise Tour
next week
(via Matt White) buy here
flyer for Karman @ Los Globos on 6/18
i have a lil online store now, my laptop broke and i need $200 to fix it so why not give and get. the only downside is that i can only currently ship to the US. (Alaska and Hawaii shipping rates are really expensive so email me if you want to buy something and live in these states). All items are made to order and shipped directly from the manufacturer I use all the time to print posters, so i know the quality will be good. Shipping takes about a week or two (unless you live in California, you’ll get it quicker b/c thats where the manufacturer is located) ok im talking too much please buy something thanks! <3 The store is here
I’m in Sex Magazine